Veganism: A more Eco-friendly choice?

vegetarianVegans are a lot more than deranged animal rights activists that like to sneer down at non-vegans. There is an entire ideology behind the movement and according to numerous researches, it’s actually a more environmentally friendly approach. Ever since the industrial revolution, mass consumerism and high demands have led to the meat and dairy industries being where they are today.

There are continual cases presented of the unethical treatment of animals by these industries. In the case of the dairy industry, the cows are artificially inseminated and are constantly given hormones so that they keep producing milk. Calves are separated from their mothers and are given milk – substitutes instead. The meat industry practices quick methods to kill the animals, which is normally really painful for the animal itself and before they are slaughtered, the animals are kept in packed and terrible conditions. The poultry and egg industry isn’t any better either.

The reason why we mentioned the following industries is point towards the fact that we humans, globally consume around 230m tonnes of animal meat annually. Because of this high demand of animal meat, the following industries are expanding and have formed an empire of their own. The amount of carbon emissions aka greenhouse gases produced by the following industries alone is actually more than the amount of greenhouse gases produced by bikes, cars and other forms of transportations combined. Hence, the entire process of breeding, slaughtering and handling livestock alone is considered to amongst the biggest threats when it comes to environmental degradation.

Secondly, the amount of resources that goes into feeding and raising the livestock alone is staggering. In countries like the United States alone more than 60% of the grains produced actually ends up going to feeding the livestock. With 14% of the world’s population being undernourished, it doesn’t make sense to waste so many resources on just raising animals. Similarly a lot of water is used to raise these animals too. Millions of gallons go into raising them animals. For example, it takes around 9000 liters of water just to produce one pound of beef. It also takes 1,000 liters of water just to produce 1 liter of milk alone. It’s estimated that more than 60% of global fresh water consumption goes into livestock alone. The amount of waste produced by animal waste alone is damaging the earth’s balance and eco-system. When the animal waste comes in contact with the water, it not only poisons it, it also puts the marine life at risk. Similarly, rives and oceans turn poisonous because of the amount of sewage and other kinds of animal waste that is deposited. It also gives birth to various algae and diseases that ruin the natural chemistry of the water and make it impossible to life to sustain itself.

Mass deforestation is carried out worldwide to create more and more land to accommodate livestock. This leads to overgrazing and at the same time, it also causes erosion and makes that land inhabitable. Over 30% of the earth’s land area goes solely to provide, raise and feed livestock alone.

Energy Saving: What You Can Do

energy-savingsGlobal warming is considered to the biggest threat worldwide. Temperatures are soaring throughout the world, some cities in India went about 50 degrees Celsius and caused the roads to literally melt. Alarming, right? Events like these led to the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) to take place last year where a unanimous agreement was made to maintain the current global temperature and to come up with more energy efficient ways to replace fossil fuels and ultimately reduce carbon emissions. With major events like these taking place, it’s also important that you as a person, should also contribute in doing what you can to come up with more energy efficient solutions and what a better place to start than your own home?

You can always insulate your entire house, by doing this you house will heat up/cool down faster and it will help save energy and reduce your energy bill since your thermostat won’t have to work extra. Similarly, if you reduce your thermostat’s heating a degree or two lower, it will help you save a lot of energy in the long run, especially annually, you just have to wear thicker socks in your home as a sort of sacrifice though.

Washing your dishes by filling a bowl or the sink with water will cost you a lot less than using a running tap to wash your dishes. Similarly, only fill your kettle with just as much as water as necessary. Adding more water than necessary will result in you using more water and ultimately a higher energy and utility bill.

Decreasing the average amount of time that you normally spend taking a shower will also help reduce your energy bill annually. If you aren’t careful with the amount of time you spend in the shower, you will end up using more water than an average bath. Which is why it is normally recommended to exchange your high pressure shower heads to more water efficient shower heads. They help make sure that you don’t end up using too much water without compromising on the water pressure. There are even shower monitors available so that you can keep check on the amount of water you are using every time you take a shower.

Invest in energy saving bulbs and lights in your house to reduce the energy bill, also turn off all electrical appliances when leaving a room or when they are not being used. Let all your laundry for the week pile up and then do your laundry in one go, this will waste less water and less energy at the same time.

Other than investing in insulation, you can also opt for solar panels as an energy saving solution. Since sunlight is a renewable source of energy, it’s more eco-friendly and it will cut down on the energy bill tremendously. Another thing you can choose to invest in are Smart Heating Controls, which allow you to control your house’s heat even when you’re not at home via your smart phone.

Earth Day 2011 – Record Numbers

This year Earth Day 2011 will be observed in greater numbers than any other time in our history. Many vitally important factors in our world are at the forefront of this years observance of earth day. People’s mindsets are changing rapidly and embracing the truism that the world has to adapt sustainable actions and programs in order for us to survive and prosper for future generations to come.

This is the first year that the largest car manufacturer in the world rolled out it’s earth friendly electric car as a viable production vehicle. General Motors has been working on this technology for over a decade and it is finally here and the market is ready for it.

More wind powered turbines have been shipped and installed as well, with GE leading the way with over 14,000 world wide supplying more than 20000 MW of power capacity.

And solar power is at an all time high with the worlds largest commercial Solar Power Plant coming to Arizona in 2011. Just about the same time frame as Earth Day 2011.

This year Earth Day will be celebrated all over the world, including a festival in California called Word Fest 2011. It will include musicians and celebrities for everyone to have fun and enjoy, but the real message will be how people can bring conservation and recycling into their daily lives as an essential part of their lives. New technologies and legislation will be discussed at this years conference in recognition on Earth Day 2011.

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Earth Day Event Recycling Containers

Many Environmental groups will be celebrating Earth Day 2011 this year. Organizers from different groups both locally and nationwide will either be hosting an event or sponsoring one themselves. This will be the 41st annual earth day celebrated in the US, with many green states leading the way such as California, Minnesota, Colorado. These states and others will be hosting some very large festivals such as WorldFest in CA.

There will be thousands of people attending these events and all of the organizers will be setting up their own recycling programs at their specific event. Many of these programs will be usingClear Recycling Containers in order to maximize the amount of recyclables collected. Clear containers do a better job than the opaque kinds do, collecting over 50% more product.

The Video below shows how to setup these clear recycling containers quickly and easily.


Event Recycling Containers

When your the organizer or planner for a major event around your town, like a concert or earthday festival . It’s a good idea to use a commercial grade Recycling Containers for that event. The problem that most people find is that the cheap cardboard box kind just don’t hold up to the volume of recyclables be thrown away at these events.

It’s not unusual to collect many thousands of plastic water bottles and soda cans from the people at the events. Most people want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling, they just need a clear understanding of which container is the right container. By using a clear plastic bag container with the correct collection holes pre-made into the lids, these ClearStream Recycling containers are “clearly” the best choice.

Here is a good wiki article on the subject

So when you have to plan an Event, be sure to use the proper Commercial Recycling Container to let everyone know how and what to do. They will be glad to recycle.

You can even buy them online one at a time for under $50 here. They are called The ClearStream Recycler =>

PAYT Residential Trash Programs Are Here

Finally, Payt or Pay as you throw programs are here. Many cities are adopting this valuable program. These programs assess a small fee per bag of trash for people who are serious about living green. Many cities can get partial funding by the US government in order to offset costs associated in setting up a Pay As You Throw program.

Living green really does start at home, if more people would just pick up the torch and lead by example they can then pass it on to their children and grand children.  Many communities already offer Pay As You Throw or PAYT programs. These programs work because they actually assess use-based fees on the trash you throw out. This is not only a good way to charge for trash removal. It also encourages the three R’s… Reduce, Recycling, and Reuse at the source, our homes.

If more of us, try to learn more about living green and being environmentally responsible starting at home, we can make a difference in the future for our children.